剧情描述:The X-Clusives Ultimate Interactive Romantic Rendez-vous has three different menus in it:1. A TEXTURE/COLOR Changer for the rug, chair, and cushions. Touch the RUG to ACCESS this Menu. CLEAR on the second page of the RUG textures allows you not to have any rug./n2. The PERFECT SITTER Menu for Male and Female sits. You ACCESS this Menu by RIGHT clicking on the PILLOW to the LEFT as you face the chair and choosing "SIT". You will get a Menu once you are sitting. Choose your pose form the Menu. To change position touch the pillow again to get the menu./n3. The XPOSE Animation Menu. You ACCESS this Menu by touching any other part of the CHAIR. Both parties must be wearing the appropriate items available from the "Get On" menu for some of the following actions to look correct:/nIn this Menu you will be able to:A. GIVE ROSE - Give your sweetheart a rose. Your sweetheart will actually take the rose from your hand.B. BON BONS - Offer your sweetheart some candy from a box of chocolates. Your sweetheart will take the lid off the box of candy, and take chocolates from the box to eat. C. BUBBLY - Give your sweetheart a glass of champagne and make a toast. You will hand your sweetheart a glass of champagne that he/she will take from you. You will take your own glass of champagne, and then you will toast and sip the champagne.D. CHOCO BLISS - Feed your sweetheart either Every Day, Halloween, or Valentine kisses. E. MOVIE NIGHT - Share popcorn with your sweetheartF. STRAWBERRY DECADENCE - Feed your sweetheart chocolate covered strawberries./nTo ACTIVATE the various items in the XPOSE Menu you and your partner must wear the items marked X-CLUSIVES GIVE ITEMS (Wear Me) or X-CLUSIVES GET ITEMS (Wear Me). These items are located at the beginning of the Menu./nClick on "Items4Him" button in the "GET ON" menu to get the object X-CLUSIVES GIVE ITEMS (Wear Me) if you are going to be giving the rose, offering the candy, and/or offering the champagne./nClick on the"Items4Her" button in the "GET ON" menu to get the object X-CLUSIVES GET ITEMS (Wear Me) if you are going to be the person receiving the items./nIf you are the owner of the chair you can get both items and pass the appropriate one to your sweetheart./nThe items will appear automatically once you choose the appropriate pose, and they will disappear once you move on to a different pose.